Just when you thought it was safe to drop everything and dive into the weekend, it’s time for a look back at the BCHQ: WEEK IN REVIEW!


Manic as ever with 3 books in various stages to get to the printer STAT. Favorite part of the day is doing a morning overhaul of everything that’s on deck and incorporating it all onto a Status Sheet. It starts with what was due last week and continues far into the future of 2020 as I put new pitches on the potential slate. Prioritizing and setting deadlines is critical to meeting daily and weekly goals. Also: It allows me to do what I do best: Boss People Around.


Major ad campaign week as we finalize the backmatter in our January on sale books. Here’s the first one designed by Creative Director/General Dogsbody Philip Bond. We love a solid graphic template that provides cohesion and unity within the context of a diabolical indie comic book imprint. Plus, it makes it faster and easier to design if you hire the best comic book teams in the business.


Wrote and assembled the new Definite Article column that design commando PJ Bond turned into a fab double-page spread of 2019 predictions. 4 Key words that will matter in 2019 here at BCHQ:

Failed photo shoot! Random person at bus stop reads a BLACK CROWN comic book…


EUTHANAUTS #5 takes flight and makes it to the printer on time! Hard to believe we’ve finished the GROUND CONTROL arc. If you enjoyed the series by TINI HOWARD and NICK ROBLES please spread the word. There’s nothing we like more than to continue the tradition of longform comics at BCHQ! Here’s the galactic cover B by artist Marley Zarcone and colorist Tamra Bonvillain on its way to final design.


In the midst of environmental allergies, crushing deadlines, and wrapping the kid’s birthday presents, I still need to bake a cake! But comics first, of course! Today’s work will include proofreading the second half of the lettering on HOUSE AMOK #4, editing the script for issue #2 of [info redacted] by the amazing team of [writer redacted] and [artist redacted] and ballooning the first issue of PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING by writer David Barnett and artist MARTIN SIMMONDS!


Wednesday, November 14


Bauhaus, vol. 2 CD: A goth essential in sound and design. Bought this back in 1986. My third ever CD purchase, it retailed for $28.00 which was a bloody fortune for a college kid.

See you next week for comics fiction and local finery! And Happy 14th Birthday to my favorite son, the one and only Spencer Bond!

Special thanks to Spencer’s granddad, Bob Bond, for filling in for our regular chalkboard artist this week!