There’s no time for a post-holiday slump at BCHQ. In fact, while the in-laws invaded Los Angeles for 3 weeks it was strongly suggested that they partake in the preening of our newly improved HQ location.

Philip’s stepmom Janet was particularly instrumental in getting the famed cover wall assembled.

Philip’s dad, Bob, a fine cartoonist in his own right, was super busy helping out, too…reading an advance copy of the BLACK CROWN OMNIBUS: A Year In Review. In stores on 12/12 it’s your official 101 on BCHQ!

Remember that time at San Diego Comic-con in 2017 when we did a limited run of BLACK CROWN T-shirts that featured Philip Bond’s logo design? (L to R: Tini Howard, Tess Fowler, BCHQ, Philip Bond).

Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve arranged a way for you to acquire your own fab BC attire.

Are you a baby? Do you know a baby?

Check out our handy link to the left or go to and get everyone in your social circle into the act.

Our next trade paperback to take flight is EUTHANAUTS: GROUND CONTROL by the esteemed team of Tini Howard & Nick Robles. Yes, even though issue #5 isn’t in stores until 1/2/19 this collection needs to leave house this week to make its OSD (on sale date) of February 19. There’s always room for corrections and the inclusion of behind-the-scenes supplementary material. And if you can read the fine print, we were lucky enough to get Scott Snyder to write an Introduction.

Thank you, Scott, from the entire team!

When a comic book goes out into the wild on #NCBD, we never tire of touting those first reviews.

Here are a couple on HOUSE AMOK #3 by Christopher Sebela & Shawn McManus with a variant cover by Jonathan Edwards.

“…extraordinary story…full of action and horror. 10/10
—Comics: The Gathering

“…the most mind-bending story of the year.”
—The Brazen Bull

Thanks to everyone who supported us last week on BLACK CROWN/BLACK FRIDAY! Next Wednesday in our ever-expanding comic book repertoire, watch your back! It’s The Laphams and they’re gunning for you!

And remember for the finest in fab art and convivial times, look no further than @blackcrownhq #therulingclass for all the fashion and entertainment recs that you require!

See you next week!