It’s T-minus 10 days until Christmas but don’t panic! We’ve got you covered.

Introducing BCHQ’s First Annual Holiday Gift Guide for the Warped Characters in your World!

Read on for tips for every personality type.

And in the spirit of BCHQ, it’s always 1 for them, 2 pints for you!


Everyone knows an almost rockstar/definitive madman. He doesn’t need another raygun or an ugly tie. He needs to realize that his dysfunctional family is no different than anyone else’s. Except maybe for Dylan Sandifer’s family, who share more than ordinary DNA.

We recommend:

COMIC BOOK: HOUSE AMOK by Christopher Sebela & Shawn McManus.

MUSIC: Infected by The The

FILM: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

TV: Maniac

THE BADASS MOM  – OCTAVIA (Assassinistas)

She’s an ex-bountyhunter coming out of retirement for one last job and yes, this time it’s tres personal.  She’s a former disco roller skater so you know she’s badass.

We recommend:

COMIC BOOK: Hack/Slash Resurrection by Tini Howard & Celor

MUSIC: Catalogue by Moloko

FILM: Whip It

TV: Glow

THE GEEK – FERGIE (Punks Not Dead)

The geek who’s attached to the ghost of 1977 has a newly-discovered psychic ability to destroy people. This guy doesn’t read enough comics and needs to pay more attention to his mom’s record collection! Very soon there will be police on his back.

We recommend:

COMIC BOOK: Expecting To Fly by John Allison

MUSIC: Sandinista by The Clash

FILM: The End of the F—ing World by Jonathan Entwistle

THE PUNK – SID (Punks Not Dead)

Is he the ghost of Sex Pistol’s bassist or the spirit of ’77 or something a bit closer to home? Who cares? He likes to drink beer, belch, and eye up girls wearing fishnets and too much mascara.

We recommend:

COMIC BOOK: The Motherless Oven by Rob Davis

MUSIC: Spiral Scratch by The Buzzcocks

FILM: Romper Stomper

TV: Anything with Matt Berry


For the forever young mod super spy of England’s Department of Extra-Usual Affairs, who had a dalliance with Mick Jagger.

We recommend:

COMIC BOOK: The Originals by Dave Gibbons

MUSIC: Stanley Road by Paul Weller

FILM: Performance

TV: Endeavor

THE GOTH – THALIA (Euthanauts)

She’s your goth girlfriend who’s so fascinated by the death industry she’s a receptionist at a funeral home because she wants to…?

We recommend:

COMIC BOOK: Kim & Kim by Magdalene Visaggio & Eva Cabrera

MUSIC: Tinderbox by Siouxie & the Banshees

FILM: Only Lovers Left Alive

TV: Waking the Dead


He’s into a bit of everything, raised by two moms with a wanderlust in his heart and a perpetual party in his soul. He likes it all x all the time.

We recommend:

COMIC BOOK: BLACK CROWN OMNIBUS: A Year In Review featuring The Rise & Fall & Rise of the CUD Band

MUSIC: Leggy Mambo by CUD

FILM: The Last Days of Disco


She was a trailblazer for exploring ways to communicate from beyond the grave.  She would be included in a book of magnificent women who changed the world if she wasn’t a fictional character.

We recommend:

COMIC BOOK: FEMME MAGNIFIQUE: 50 Women Who Changed The World

MUSIC: Blackstar by David Bowie

FILM: Flatliners

TV: Six Feet Under


She was just a kid when she became the Lodger’s first psychological victim. She wants revenge.  Surely literary revenge is sweeter and cleaner than body bags…?

We recommend:

COMIC BOOK: KID LOBOTOMY by Peter Milligan & Tess Fowler

MUSIC: Lodger by David Bowie

FILM: River’s Edge

TV: Happy Valley


What do you get for a serial killer who can morph himself into whatever you need him to be? A brick of reading material to distract him, of course!

We recommend:

COMIC BOOK: Stray Bullets: The Uber Alles Edition by The Laphams

MUSIC: This Nation ‘s Saving Grace by The Fall

FILM: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

TV: Mindhunter


She’s smart, likes to keep a journal and she has to stop her family from fighting (real or imaginary) inter-dimensional organ thieves and committing vicious acts.

COMIC BOOK: ASSASSINISTAS by Tini Howard & Gilbert Hernandez

MUSIC: The Obliterati by Mission of Burma

FILM: River ‘s Edge

TV: Stranger Things

Happy Shopping and see you next Friday for more convivial times at your one-stop destination for recommendations!