Today’s Happy Hour is brought to you by assistant editor Megan Brown in honor of her birthday last Wednesday. Drink and be merry because it’s T-minus 3 days before Christmas and we’ve all gone a bit Christmas Crackers!

To thank you for your supreme support and dedication to BLACK CROWN, our gift to you is FREE CONTENT! Enjoy PUNKS NOT DEAD #1 by David Barnett and Martin Simmonds, nominated for Tripwire Magazine’s Best New Series!

Click image below to download!

Happy Holidays from all your friends at

Your Happy Hour Hostess, assistant editor Megan Brown

Associate Editor Chase Marotz

Social Media Coordinator Andrea Palasi (with Greg Foreman)

Greg Foreman, Web Developer (and Bass Extraordinaire)

Heavyweight Champion and Senior General Dogsbody Philip Bond

And me, your humble BCHQ – HAHAHAHAHA They said it couldn’t be done but we’ve produced over 1000 pages of art + alchemy and WE CAN’T BE STOPPED!

Cheers to our fine coterie of comics creatives, retailers and the incredible fans who keep us inspired and in business month in and month out!

Have a wonderful holiday and see you next week for more convivial times at BLACK CROWN HQ!