Time for your love-drenched, bullet ride look back at the week in review at BCHQ!


Time to get those slacker freelancers up and moving forward! The editor’s main job is to hustle — set deadlines and hold creatives accountable!


Honestly, Abe, we always knew you had swagger! To prove it we teased a new project on his birthday! 

More news to come at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON in Seattle when the mystery writer announces it on our BLACK CROWN: THE RULING CLASS panel on Friday, March 15 at 5:30.


New letterer Jane Heir let us look over her shoulder at EVE STRANGER by David Barnett and Philip Bond comes to life.


In honor of love & other difficulties, we celebrated famous comic book couples with verve and class from casanovas and cry babies to cold stone killers!

Almost Rockstar/Definitive Madman & the Shapeshifting Chambermaid of his Dreams run a hotel riddled with cockroaches & dead literary greats in KID LOBOTOMY by Peter Milligan & Tess Fowler.  And it’s only $3.99 on Comixology for 152 pages!

A couple of brothers make great music. A couple of sisters make a great bloody mess on the open road in HOUSE AMOK by Christopher Sebela & Shawn McManus

Free spirit Indigo and goth girl Thalia are a couple of tethers by association in the death positive psychonautic deep-dive that is EUTHANAUTS by Tini Howard & Nick Robles. The paperback is in stores on February 26!

“Love Kills” for a couple of compulsive serial cons in a warped game of cat, mouse and love on the run in LODGER by real life love vigilantes David and Maria Lapham.

“Love Is A Stranger.” So is Eve, an amnesiac-for-hire, who jetsets for fun & profit (& to avoid death by nanobombs!) ably abetted by a one-man, lovestruck cleanup crew. High-Octane Thrills! Weird Science! Doomed Romance! EVE STRANGER by David Barnett & Philip Bond.


Last week we mentioned our FREE ART contest to get in gear for PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING. No brass knuckles or right hooks required! Just share our humble hashtag #PunksNotDeadAtBlackCrown to be eligible to win one of these jaw-dropping sketches by PND art star MARTIN SIMMONDS, signed by Simmonds and writer David Barnett!

Congrats to our first winner, Alecks Fletcher, who chose the creepers! It’s not too late to have skin in the game! Follow us on Twitter @blackcrownhq tell us your anthem and post the hashtag!



See you next week for the finest in Happy Hour drink specials, art assaults, and FREE Stuff! 

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