This BCHQ Week In Review stars the incomparable women of BLACK CROWN from the past, present and future!


Planning the first of many 2019 convention antics. Join me when I hit the north and land in Seattle for my favorite stateside convention, EMERALD CITY COMICON. I’ll have copies of this sampler, FEMME MAGNIFIQUE: 10 MAGNIFICENT WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD, and a star-studded group of panelist at the BLACK CROWN RULING CLASS REVOLUTION panel on Friday, March 15 from 5:30-6:30 in TCC L3-R4. 

KELLY SUE DeCONNICK! ALISON SAMPSON! NICK ROBLES! TAMRA BONVILLAIN! MAGDALENE VISAGGIO! Free Swag! Special Announcements! And a spotlight on Women’s History Month! You won’t want to miss it!


The EUTHANAUTS: Ground Control trade paperback landed to rave reviews. 

A few highlights:

“A transformative Memento mori for our time.” —Batman’s Bookcase

“…an eclectic, complex cast of characters and a nuanced, challenging take on the idea of life beyond death.” —


PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING #1 also landed with screaming power chords and psychic grenades! 

A few choice cuts:

“Few books on the market today are as confident and clever as this one and we should all be excited for its return.” —Batman’s Bookcase

“Action, adventure, supernatural bass players and a real self-deprecating sense of humor…” —The Brazen Bull

“Delivers in spades. God save the queen.” —

Here’s a look at issue #2 featuring everyone’s favorite geriatric mod superspy/cover girl, Dorothy Culpepper.


Shameless personal promotion! Finally received this beautiful art object in the post.  Better late than never! Merry Xmas to me! 

If you’re a fan of Roisin Murphy you cannot live without the astounding “Overpowered.”


Congrats go out to @marenivy our latest winner of FREE ART compliments of PUNKS NOT DEAD co-creator and art star Martin Simmonds. How can you get in on this art bollocks? It’s easy! You don’t even need a mean left hook! Just post our hashtag #PunksNotDeadAtBlackCrown and follow us on Twitter @blackcrownhq and @sxbond

Who knows? You might be our big winner next week at your favorite Happy Hour hangout for art, alchemy and the latest in convivial times!