We’re back from the first leg of our 2019 Convention Trails but for those of you who missed last week’s antics in the Emerald City…here’s a recap!



Seattle! Crowds! Everywhere! From the panel floor to the stage!

Our shy panelists at the BLACK CROWN: THE RULING CLASS REVOLUTION panel (back to front): Alison Sampson, Tamra Bonvillain, Nick Robles, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Magdalene Visaggio.

Best part of ECCC for HQ: Meeting fans and handing out tons of swag. And opening up the panel by recalling that we announced BLACK CROWN at Emerald City in 2017. 10 miniseries, 7 trades later and counting, thanks for your support! 


Major catch up day on EVE STRANGER by David Barnett, Philip Bond, Liz Prince and Eva de la Cruz. Here are the press proofs from the postcards we handed out at ECCC. EVE STRANGER 01 is in stores on May 1.

As promised, here are some panels from MARILYN MANOR, a 4-issue miniseries coming from IDW mature readers and edited by yours truly. 

Written by MAGDALENE VISAGGIO and illustrated by MARLEY ZARCONE with color by IRMA KNIIVILA, it’s about a rager gone wild at the White House circa 1981, unearthing more than just secret passageways, dead presidents & government agendas…

— compliments of the First Brat of the USA!


Choice HQ Real Estate! Framed and placed this amazing post project memento from HOUSE AMOK artist extraordinaire SHAWN McMANUS. If you missed the 5-issue miniseries written by CHRISTOPHER SEBELA, the paperback is out on April 30.


Last Call! Put issue #5, the conclusion of LODGER by David & Maria Lapham, to bed with a send-off unlike any other! To say your mind will be heavy liquid is the understatement of the century.  LODGER #4 is in stores on April 3. 


And every Friday in March to honor Women’s History Month, we’re proud to give away a copy of FEMME MAGNIFIQUE: 50 MAGNIFICENT WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD! Congrats to our winners so far: @samarcard @FellBeastIM and @notbbcnews24. To be in the running, all you need to do is follow us @blackcrownhq and @sxbond and post the hashtag #FemmeMagnifiqueAtBlackCrown

See you next week for convivial times, art & alchemy live when #therulingclass heads to WONDERCON