Greetings from sunny Anaheim! It’s BLACK CROWN’s “live” Happy Hour edition from WonderCon, our favorite local spring show. But first here’s a quick look at BCHQ Week in Review:


Got caught up on lettering with new letterer Jane Heir on MARILYN MANOR #1 by writer Mags Vissagio, artist Marley Zarcone and colorist Irma Kniivila. 


Spent a good part of the day studying artist Martin Simmonds layouts for PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING #5. Every part of the editor’s job is all consuming and immersive. It’s particularly rewarding when you get lost in the process because it means the art is doing its job: taking you places. Martin is one of the most exciting, inventive storytellers working in comics and I can’t believe he’s drawing the final issue of PND. Four words: I miss him already. Two words: Expect Explosions. Also, two words that writers love to read in red pen: Nailed it! It’s very rare, but in this case, well earned by writer David “Don’t let it go to your head or no one gets out alive” Barnett.


It’s always a blast to have 2 comic books in stores on the same #NCBD.

Here’s what they (see reviewers at said about PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING #2:

“Strong characters and a genuine mystery has this story continuing as a worthwhile distraction, fully engaging, and a real page turner.”

—The Brazen Bull

“…a really cool book, with a vibe and energy all its own. Highly recommended…”

—Bleeding Cool


HIT THE DECK! First off the assembly line is a birthday gift for a certain VIP. Super stoked to be able to do some limited edition merch through threadless. No pressure but if you dig our logo design, check out the site with free shipping through the end of the month! 


Be on the look out for WonderCon pics throughout the day and highlights from the 2:00 IDW panel!

Check out Ernie Estrella’s  EVE STRANGER feature here

And see you next week for more art, alchemy & convivial times back in our Los Angeles HQ!