In honor of tomorrow’s Record Store Day (est. 2008), Saturday, April 13, we dedicate today’s Happy Hour to vinyl in all its cracked glory.

We heart vinyl at BCHQ. Who doesn’t? Even if the music sucks there’s the 12 X 12 aspect ratio of the cover art and sleeve notes.  It’s also the physicality of holding a shiny black disc made of resin formed by polymerizing vinyl compounds sans gloves in your sweaty little hands.  The Chemistry Between us indeed!   Some even consider it a fine weapon should you need to decapitate an intruder in the dead of night!

For more info on RSD be rapacious! Check out:

How do records connect to BLACK CROWN, IDW’s small but mighty publishing empire? Step away from that filthy turntable and read on!

GET REAL (Estate)!

One of the unprecedented aspects of BLACK CROWN is our very own High Street that houses real estate that connects to different titles.



Even the spirit of ’77 — an entity who thinks he’s Sid Vicious from PUNKS NOT DEAD — knows what he missed. 


New Order, Blue Monday, 1983

Still the best-selling 12” single of all time!

To hear go here:

If you still have my copy — and you know who you are — please contact the Management.


Roisin Murphy, Overpowered, 2007

Go hear for details:


See which record writer/bassist William Potter (CUD: Rich And Strange), writer Leah Moore (GORGONS) and artist Martin Simmonds (PUNKS NOT DEAD) picked as the one that brought him, her, and him to their knobby knees

If you liked the excerpts you just read, there’s more!  THE BLACK CROWN OMNIBUS, our crowning achievement at BCHQ, is now on Sale at ComiXology. Thats a mere $15.49 for over 250 pages of art + alchemy:

See you tomorrow at The Atomic Turntable and next week right here for the best in convivial times!