Just when you thought it was safe to go home and inhale all the candy… it’s time for a drink & deep-dive into the past five days! It’s the BCHQ WEEK IN REVIEW!


Amazing pages came in for MARILYN MANOR #1 written by Magdalene Visaggio and illustrated by Marley Zarcone with color by Irma Kniivila. Here’s a favorite:


Bears Will Fly! Anyone who knows me will remember back in 201? I started sewing stuffed bears (and later bunnies and aliens) based on Philip’s cute drawings of those types of things. And once I started, well, you can guess where this is going. Philip came up with the company name, Ursa Minor, and for about five years I Could. Not. Stop. My mania took hold and suddenly I was making weekly batches of bears and selling them at a local boutique. After moving to Los Angeles, I went cold turkey and my sewing machine lay dormant for quite some time. Until now. Thanks to IDW’s Joel Elad, Manager Direct Market Sales, we sent a Huldu, supporting actor/familiar in the upcoming EVE STRANGER, to each of our Top 10 Black Crown retailers for photo ops and advance excitement.  Due to technical difficulties, not the rumored fight, flight or artistic delays, EVE STRANGER debuts on May 8.



For the uninitiated, this editorial column has been running in the Black Crown books since our inception. (see more on our home page under MANIFESTO) Ranging in definitive subject matter and/or accessories from the genesis of this curation operation to a 101 on Canon Street real estate to bawdy interviews, the latest DEFINITE ARTICLE spread includes a SUMMER SELECTOR and a Q & A with PUNKS NOT DEAD creatives David Barnett and Martin Simmonds. While Martin is in the throes of painting the final issue of our sophomore PND album/arc, London Calling, he’s spending every waking hour of the past few weeks poised with brush in hand, determined to exceed his personal best because he adores and respects his growing readership. Meanwhile, adrift at sea, writer David Barnett was last seen by Tenerife officials trying to enlist them into being his backing band as he attempt to recreate Duran Duran videos on a bloody boat. Never mind the dingy indeed! 


Thrilled to announce here that the amazing ED PISKOR of X-Men Grand Design fame has agreed to pen the Introduction to the LODGER trade paperback by David and Maria Lapham of Stray Bullets. So clearly this means I need to step up my graphic game and get cracking on the trade design. Excited to show off David Lapham’s character sketches and  never-before-seen extras in the back of the collection. 


Worked on this post (natch!) and feel the need to explain my random #NowPlaying choices on Twitter this week. 


Travel Man: 48 Hours

If you’re a fan of the It Crowd or travel on a time budget, you won’t want to miss this hilarious series on Hulu. Richard Ayoade visits exotic locales with comedian pals in tow for (wait for it) 48 hours.  

Time Travel with Records: Radiohead

Blame it on my 14-year-old son (drummer in two bands) who is big into grunge. His one band plays “My Iron Lung” so it seemed high time to try to get into Philip’s Radiohead catalogue. When said son asked what in the hell I was listening to back in 1992/93 when Nirvana and flannel etc..took hold of the continents, I couldn’t find words to articulate the myriad reasons why I avoided the stuff. It can be described with one singular image.  One Saturday during the spring of 1992, I walked into a record shop off South Street in Philadelphia and nothing else — musical or otherwise — would matter for a long while.

PLUS: Weekend Reading On The Cheap at comixology.com

BLACK CROWN Classic Trades for Under $5 



And Under $10:


See you next week for another Happy Hour full of art, alchemy, opulence, and old records!  And if you’re in the Los Angeles area next month, save the date for our EVE STRANGER signing!