It’s utter pandemonium this week at BCHQ so forgive me for less talk/more art/action!


Bringing PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING 05 into the homestretch with script/ballooning for letterer to the stars, Adi Bidikar! It’s all about building the book from white page to marker balloon placements and beyond.


Eve socket-deep into the LODGER trade paperback design. Here’s an issue break in progress with a favorite interior pull quote.

Expect tons of David’s character, cover and logo design sketches in the Mugs + Baggage section.


EVE STRANGER by David Barnett, Philip Bond, Liz Prince & Eva de la Cruz gets top billing in PanelxPanel #22, the Eisner-nominated digital mag! Congrats, Hassan & Co.! Cover art by PJ Bond.

Check it out here:


A favorite panel of Abe, Marilyn’s best friend, from MARILYN MANOR #1 by Eisner-nominee Mags Visaggio and artist Marley Zarcone. 



Congratulations to all the Eisner Award nominees and in particular:

50 tons of thanks to over 100 of your favorite writers & artists and the 1763 Kickstarter backers who made the FEMME MAGNIFIQUE:50 MAGNIFICENT WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD hardcover a reality! And of course my fellow curators Brian & Kristy Miller, Chris Ryall and everyone at IDW who made the softcover so amazing. (Did someone say French flaps…?)

For a list of all the incredible nominees go here:

To purchase a copy of FEMME MAGNIFIQUE for $18.22 go here and please leave a review:

And of course major congrats to David and Maria Lapham for their nomination for best writer/artist on Stray Bullets and LODGER!

You can find LODGER #1 – 4 right here:

LODGER #5, the last issue of the miniseries, hits stores on May 22 and the LODGER trade is out this July.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for…Hold on to your Kula cocktail shaker! It’s time for DIE/CAST!

Invented by Philip J. Bond and named by Shelly X. Bond, this new semi-regular feature to our weekly Friday Happy Hour involves 2 die, one lucky roll and the comic book closest to hand. In this case, we’ve yanked PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING #3 from the clutches of a local fan to bring you the inaugural edition of DIE/CAST.

The Roll explained: page 13 panel 5

Writer David Barnett opines, “This is part of our flashback to 2002, when we find out just what part Dorothy Culpepper played in the disappearance of Fergie’s absent father, Billy. From PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING #3 it’s the lynchpin of the series, finally casting some light on a mystery that’s been bubbling under ever since the very first issue.

Barnett continues, “I love the muted colours here, and the fact that the reflection in the puddles and the concentric rain ripples are so subtly reminiscent of Watchmen.”

The question remains… “Will this game live up to the lofty standards set in concrete by noted DIE aficionado Kieron Gillen?”

Thanks for joining us for the usual blend of convivial times abetted with high art + low profiles! Don’t forget, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, there’s an EVE STRANGER signing/launch party at EARTH-2 in Sherman Oaks on Wednesday, May 8 at 6:30. Be there to increase your chances of winning this limited edition baby Huldu w/accompanying shot glass/capsule etched with the official Black Crown logo by a team of gentle Huldufolk!