It’s time for another scintillating BCHQ Week In Review!



Watched the new documentary “Being Frank” and was blown to bits. Loved the movie “Frank” from 2014 but this neo documentary funded on Kickstarter was something special. Chris Sievey’s art blew me away! Track it down!

Thanks to CUD costume designer @alfiemuir for the Frank swag last Christmas! Still on a quest for the perfect gear for this little Frank to perch on…


Prepped PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING 04 for print and trust me when I say that this issue is the ULTIMATE PENULTIMATE! Both writer David Barnett and artist Martin Simmonds bring it and then some. If you think Martin painted the previous issues like a mad Englishman at a rave you really need to wear some protective eyewear when opening up this baby…just sayin’…


LODGER #4 by David and Maria Lapham hit the stands with a bullet — among other onomatopeia…


Assembled the official MARILYN MANOR preview by writer Magdalene Visaggio, artist Marley Zarcone and colorist Irma Kniivila to run in the back of PUNKS NOT DEAD: LC 04 and EVE STRANGER 02. But since you’re the dedicated BLACK CROWN elite here’s an exclusive advance link just for you…


We’re sending 10 lucky retailers their very own handcrafted HULDU to assist in their shops in anticipation of the upcoming EVE STRANGER miniseries that debuts on MAY 1! 

Unlike Eve Stranger from the eponymous series, Huldu does not suffer from amnesia and is available for comic book cataloguing, karaoke, photo ops, and craft services. He has an allergy to food that’s been microwaved and prefers to run the register rather than bag and board, but he’ll be happy to pitch in where needed.  A Special EVE STRANGER signing will be held in the Los Angeles area on Wednesday, May 8.  More details coming soon! 

Be here next week, same time, same locale, for the finest in convivial times with all the trimmings!