BCHQ WEEK IN REVIEW is happening!


Bleeding Cool released our MARILYN MANOR #1 variant cover which I showed a snipped of last week. It only seemed fair to run the full cover here for your viewing pleasure.  Darick Robertson did a killer job bringing Marilyn and the contents of her gigantic teenage bedroom to life on the sacred Presidential desk. Can you name all the 80s ephemera? Color by Eisner award-nominated colorist Tamra Bonvillain completes the picture with her pristine pop palette.


Serious props for the early high-octane reviews from the critics who couldn’t contain themselves about all things EVE STRANGER:

“… our first perfect 10 comic of 2019…There’s a powerful one-two punch on the surface of this comic that really makes it go go go from the first page…everything from the voice to the aesthetic to the simple-yet-heady themes about duty, family, identity, and manipulation. It’s a great read, one that any and every last fan of the graphic sequential storytelling medium is likely to enjoy.  The confident and clear narrative voice staves off the disorientation inherent to a story about an amnesiac, while the artwork is all kinds of stylish. This is one hip comic, and it reads like a lightning bolt of pure fun to the face.10/10.”—Batman’s Bookcase

“…an interesting and entertaining premise…Eve’s world and backstory are handled smartly with both tension and humor. Philip Bond has some beautifully detailed art throughout this issue and it does a great job of visually grabbing the reader.”                                                                                                                                            SuperPoweredFancast.com

“BLACK CROWN continues to put out books of a high standard of quality that aren’t like anything anybody else is publishing…the art is out of this world fantastic with so much mass-appeal and the story is the written version of that. It’s got intrigue, character, action and clever wit. Like a pill that guarantees creativity and adventure in healthy doses, you’ll be instantly hooked.”PopCultHQ

“In Eve Stranger, David Barnett takes the story of the hired gun to the next level. That this killer with a conscience has no memory of what she is doing or who her employers are, makes for a compelling and original tale of deception and intrigue. Philip Bond’s intricate and cinematic artwork complements the rapid fire storyline with visual input that adds depth and pacing. There is a second, shorter piece called “Eve Stranger Ace Reporter” that is so meta, and dream-within-a-dream that it is marvelously absurd; it even references other BLACK CROWN titles as if they existed in the real world too… excellent as well, and worth the price of admission alone.          The Brazen Bull

Eve Stranger #1 engages the action-filled story it promises to be. Taking its time to present all the elements in a charismatic manner this comic should be yet another great title by an incredibly creative and resourceful group of artists.                                                                                                                                                                Sequential Planet

“….these adventures of an amnesiac assassin are enormously entertaining – a feisty first issue that’s…unforgettable.                                                                                —Herocollector.com


Picture perfect signing at EARTH-2 for the action-packed debut of EVE STRANGER! 

Lots of ardent fans in the house to pressure co-creator/artist PHILIP BOND into signing comics and spilling the secrets about the nanotech in Eve’s blood.  Two Huldu’s were spotted in the wild and one will find a new home with a certain loyal fan who stopped by before the end of the signing to share her deep praise and immeasurable enthusiasm for all things BCHQ. 

Thanks to all the IDW executives who stopped by to eat cake and toast our latest launch! No, this is not me bossing everyone around…I’m being nice, I swear!

Thanks to Carr and Susan of EARTH-2 for being the perfect hosts and of course their amazing retail staff, with a special shout-out to Frank, who was kind enough to take this picture.

Extra special props to Cindy Whitehead (center) and Ian Logan (hands in lower right) who gave this outing the SoCal Social Stamp of approval. Forget the Met Gala; EARTH-2 was the place to see and be seen!


Sent PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING 05 to the printer. It’s the conclusion of our sophomore arc  by writer David Barnett, artist Martin Simmonds, flatter Dee Cunniffe and award-winning letterer Aditya Bidikar. Best part about the conclusion, you ponder? Is it the 6 EXTRA STORY PAGES compliments of the creative team, specifically artist extraordinaire Martin Simmonds? Is it the rip-roaring power chords that make up the soundtrack? It could be the final, fateful back cover quote that marks the end of our superb series:


Leaving you with a favorite panel from the lead story by PHILIP BOND and the backup by LIZ PRINCE from EVE STRANGER #2. See you next week with an all-new edition of DIE/CAST and the latest updates from BLACK CROWN, your humble house of punk rock, art & alchemy!