MARILYN MANOR by Mags Visaggio & Marley Zarcone with color by Irma Kniivila seems to beg for a BCHQ MONDAY update thanks to alliteration and the “all hands on deck” to bring this teenage revolution story to life.  Here’s a glimpse of the cover to issue #3 illustrated by Marley Zarcone with color by Tamra Bonvillain. 

What happens in the White House — even way back in 1981 — doesn’t stay in the White House for long when the First Brat throws a rager of post-punk proportions. Seances, dead presidents & twisted celebrities feature predominantly.  Don’t miss the debut next month!


Random Recs!

In an attempt to read more novels in my spare time, here’s one that blew me away. SUEDEHEAD by Richard Allen was written in 1971 but its fierce sartorial cadence is still relevant today if you’re into books about mod con artists and bad reputations post the Skinhead revolution.

(Does anyone else wonder if Lonsdale has a lawsuit re the logo?) Morrissey must have respected the Suedehead way of life as he named his debut single from his first solo album after it. 


Started lettering EVE STRANGER 03 with Liz Prince’s backup story, “Eve Stranger: Ace Reporter in The Couch Trip,” wherein Eve has an appointment with a doctor named (wait for it) Froid.  Here’s part of a favorite panel. 

I love how Liz connotes foreboding/frustration with the vertical facial lines. Color by Eva de la Cruz.


Started a few new features for the website. Look for a new FAQ section in the coming weeks and please share with your friends, relatives and enemies who may not be in the know about comics & chaos.  Also in development: your regular creatives get personal and tell all about their first job, worst job, and reveal an album ruined by an ex.  Also, in the spirit of I could never keep a secret, they’ll expose something that you are definitely not supposed to know about their respective BLACK CROWN series. 

If you don’t believe me, here’s an example from Christopher Sebela, writer of HOUSE AMOK, pictured here with his partner-in-crime, Zola. He shares this:

What’s something you don’t want anyone to know about HOUSE AMOK? 

CHRIS: That it’s not a comic, it’s a confession.

HOUSE AMOK is co-created/illustrated by Shawn McManus and it’s only $15.02 right now on Amazon and $9.99 on Comixology!


It’s time for a brand-new episode of your favorite new game wherein we pick a comic, roll the dice, and find out something peculiar behind a page/panel.  It’s DIE/CAST featuring ASSASSINISTAS!

Luck of the roll finds us on page 10 panel 5, wherein a kidnapping is taking place.  The mystery abductor was wearing a mask and wielding a sword not unlike the figure on the lower right in the image above. 

But wait—that character is dead?! So WTF? The little boy stolen from his bed is named Kyler (see freaking shrieking sound effect by letterer Aditya Bidikar). Kyler is the son of a former bounty hunter known as Charlotte “Scarlet” Calvert, who was part of the infamous Assassinistas trio. Weapon of choice: Sniper, be wary. Known weaknesses: Trusting, Chardonnay.

Let’s raise a glass to EUTHANAUTS co-creator/artist Nick who celebrates his 31st birthday today! Not familiar with his Bowie-inspired, deep dive into the tether life post this mortal coil, co-created with and written by TINI HOWARD? Get with the (DeathSpace) program. It’s only $15.99 on Amazon and $9.99 on Comixology for 128 pages!

Thanks for sharing your Friday Happy Hour with us! See you next week for more succulents, supreme sights and sounds at BCHQ. Leaving you with a piece of art from PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING by Martin Simmonds.