Grab your giant fancy hat designed by a snooty British milliner! It’s time for BCHQ WEEK IN REVIEW!


It’s MARILYN MANOR Monday back by popular alliteration! Here’s a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes inside front cover from issue #1, in stores on June 26!


Thinking about the unofficial start of summer that kicks off with a 3-day weekend in the states. Memorial Day is next Monday which coincides with a Bank Holiday in the UK. This can only mean that I’m forced to post a requisite retro swimsuit shot, compliments of artist Liz Prince and colorist Eva de la Cruz for EVE STRANGER #2, out on June 26.


Working on creator Q & As for the website so I thought we’d sample one here. 


Next Wednesday it’s alive! Once more with feeling for the ultimate penultimate issue of our sophomore arc! 

PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING #4 by David Barnett, Martin Simmonds, Dee Cunniffe and Aditya Bidikar will knock you for a 4-color feedback loop!


Wherein we roll the dice and randomly turn to the page and panel that fate has forced us to feature!  This week it’s all about EVE STRANGER #1 – page 15 panel 5.

Writer DAVID BARNETT says “As a novelist, my inclination when first starting to write comics was to cram as much dialogue and caption-work in every panel as possible. This page from EVE STRANGER #1 was something of a milestone for me on that I began to embrace the medium as a collaborative endeavour; keeping dialogue to a bare minimum and trusting the skill of the artist to carry the narrative. Of course, when the artist and co-creator is Philip Bond, you know you’re in safe hands…”

Artist PHILIP BOND adds, “This is Eve’s ‘yeah I’m a cute goofball but I’m also a stone hearted killer’ moment. Being Eve, of course, she may not even realize what’s going on over her shoulder. Also, I wanted that henchman’s cool hat when filming was done but now it has two holes in it.”

And letterer JANE HEIR wants everyone to know that she used to work in a dairy and her favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate marshmallow.

Enjoy the 3-day weekend and remember to be here next Friday for convivial times on demand with your favorite class, the #ruling class!