A gentle reminder that if you’re eligible to vote please do so! There are so many talented creators and teams up for Eisner Awards this year, including a few from BCHQ!


Received the lettering for PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING #5 so a lot of proofreading was in order for the final, fateful conclusion to our sophomore arc.  Thought you might enjoy seeing the panel I posted as ballooning last week in full color with a bit of lettering this week.  Story by David Barnett, art by Martin Simmonds (with color flats by Dee Cunniffe) and lettering by Aditya Bidikar.


The LODGER trade left house in preparation for a July release date.  Can’t resist showing the back cover quote from Ed Piskor, excerpted from his introduction.

And, because David Lapham asked so nicely this morning on Twitter, here’s a post of the cover to LODGER #5 which is in stores next Wednesday, May 8.

Rumor has it that’s my favorite cover in the history of Lapham Art Worldwide est. 1970, Warriors of the Plasm #6 and Young Liars #7 not withstanding…


Worked on MARILYN MANOR #1 including approvals on Darick Robertson’s amazing Retailer Incentive cover!  Here’s a sneak peek with a full reveal coming up from a well known news site in the very near future! Color by the exuberant Tamra Bonvillain.


DIE/CAST comes to you from the shake (of a tambourine, see “She’s in Fashion,” Suede/Head Music) and the dice roll of BCHQ general dogsbody Philip Bond. Technically, Philip rolled 16 + 3 or page 16 panel 3, which is the final page of the lead story of EVE STRANGER #2 (headed to the printer as we speak). Since said page is a splash page, I’m told by “he who is known as the rule maker” that we consider the following page, page 17, as 1 and count 2 panels in to complete the random roll selection. 

Which leads us (finally!) to the backup story, “EVE STRANGER: ACE REPORTER in The Bigger Splash” by David Barnett and Liz Prince with colors by Eva de la Cruz. Here’s the DIE/CAST panel and some fashionable insider commentary direct from artist Liz Prince:

“This was a really fun page to draw, and an especially fun panel, because I got to reveal Eve’s hilariously olde-tyme bathing suit as she’s getting ready to execute a perfect dive.  I actually have no experience diving, because anytime I jump into any body of water, I get water up my nose, even if I’m holding my nose closed with my fingers!  I love to swim, but I have to gently lower myself into the water and a lot of people make fun of how unadventurous I am when it comes to jumping in.  Anyway, all that aside, I would totally wear that swimsuit because it’s very retro-cool.”  

All this talk of EVE STRANGER reminds me: If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you are cordially invite to our signing party at EARTH-2 in Sherman Oaks!

There will be giveaways, cocktails, baked goods and tons of comics to celebrate the launch of EVE STRANGER #1!

As if you need a reminder, don’t forget to support your LCBS tomorrow for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and be here next week for more art, alchemy & convivial times with #the ruling class!