Before we hook you up with a FREE READ of LODGER #1 today in honor of David Lapham’s birthday, here are a few highlights from the BCHQ:

Wrapped up the design on the PUNKS NOT DEAD: LONDON CALLING trade paperback. The highlight is Martin Simmonds’ Process piece in the back of the book.  It’s worth the cover price alone!

To celebrate Flag Day, here’s a page of stars and stripes from MARILYN MANOR #1 by Magdalene Visaggio, Marley Zarcone and Irma Kniivila, which arrives in stores on June 26.

EVE STRANGER #3 by David Barnett, Philip Bond, Liz Prince & Eva de la Cruz is also out on June 26 and here’s a panel from a bar scene you are not likely to forget:

And finally, what you’ve been waiting for…

Enjoy this FREE FIRST ISSUE and celebrate David Lapham’s big day by crushing some cake! You know you want to!

Don’t forget that the LODGER trade paperback is out in the wild next month on July 23! Reserve your copy from your LCBS today!

See you next week for more fun & dangerous times at your home for art & alchemy, opulence & chaos!