Summer Greetings, Rapacious Readers! Let’s gear up for a triple threat of new releases next Wednesday, June 26, with a free preview of our newest #1, MARILYN MANOR by Magdalene Visaggio, Marley Zarcone and Irma Kniivila.

Also on deck, the next issue of EVE STRANGER by David Barnett, Philip Bond, Liz Prince and Eva de la Cruz.

Here’s a peek from #2, compliments of Huldu, Eve’s stuffed familiar.

The sophomore arc of PUNKS NOT DEAD, AKA LONDON CALLING, comes to a cacophonous finish with issue #5. Here’s part of the “End-All/Be-All” double-page spread by David Barnett, Martin Simmonds and Aditya Bidikar. If that doesn’t pull you in…

“Fate! Up against your will!” Believe it! It’s high time for another round of DIE/CAST, wherein we let the die decide where and what secrets we’ll spill…

This week we feature EVE STRANGER #1, page 18 panel 1, part of our regular backup story, by David Barnett, Liz Prince and Eva de la Cruz.

Writer David Barnett says, “This is from when we first meet the second incarnation of Eve Stranger — ace reporter for the Convivial Times. Is it the same Eve? An alternate-reality Eve? Or, as is suggested in the strip, is one the dream of the other? But which way round is it? This panel illustrates the perhaps stereotypical challenges facing provincial journalists — reporting on a cat stuck up a tree — but introduces us to the slightly off-kilter world of this Eve.”

Letterer Jane Heir says, “I’m not convinced the cat, whose name is Donald BTW, is actually asleep in that tree. Sources tell me he’s faking a snooze while the women below plot a rescue strategy that may involve bare-chested firemen…”

See you next week for Happy Hour at 2:00 PST/10 pm UTC It’s summer hours and convivial times for one and all at your one stop for art + alchemy, opulence + chaos!