Lots of WIP (work in progress) at BCHQ this week. Here’s a look at things to come:


Although issue #5 of the miniseries is still pending its debut at the end of June, the trade paperback is due at the printer many months before it gets into your sweaty hands. 

We’re paying homage to the classic Clash album in palette on the design pages, (as reproduced on the patch above) while still aiming to complement/rip off the riotous approach that we used on PND vol.1, Teenage Kicks. 

Here’s a progress shot of the “endpapers,” the technical term for the pages on the inside front and inside back covers of the trade. 


Issue 3 is over the halfway mark in terms of artwork and to prove it, we’ve caught little Eve in the act of seeing something she shouldn’t have…good thing she has amnesia or…well…that would be telling…

BCHQ General Dogsbody and co-creator/artist of EVE STRANGER, Philip Bond, AKA he who established the rules of the game, chose to feature MARILYN MANOR #1 and rolled the following numbers:

Since page 4 only has 4 panels, we proceed to page 5 panel 1. “Thems is the rules,” says Bond, while eyeing up the closest cocktail shaker. 

Co-creator/writer Magdalene Visaggio shares this “behind the panel border” info: “What I think is so cool about this panel is the way Marilyn crafts her own narrative. There’s a lot of self-deception in this book, a lot of making your own legend, and it’s something Marilyn really actively does: creates the image she wants to project to tell a better story.”

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of MARILYN MANOR #1 on June 26. It’s the comic that kicks off the official “Summer of Mags!” Artwork by Marley Zarcone with color by Irma Kniivila.

See you again bright(ish) and early next week for more summer fun w/art & alchemy from #therulingclass!