Ah, Labor Day (slaps back)…a time when we reward ourselves for the 24/7 work-a-holic lifestyle that one relishes in this comics life…
In honor of the pending 3-day holiday weekend, or Bank holiday to you Brit lot, let’s do a deep-dive into:


Wherein we try our best to prove that we’re worth our weight in platinum bullion!


It’s an Editor’s Essential: The Monthly Cover Wall AKA the way to ensure you’re exhibiting the best in arresting art, content and design. From the top down, it’s an easy way to assess variation from month to month, from subject matter to figure size to color value. No editorial office should exist without it.


We’re starting to lock down our NEW YORK COMIC-CON plans…super stoked to celebrate our FIRST ANNIVERSARY in the Empire State. Will there be a FEMME MAGNIFIQUE signing event? Will there be new projects announced? Will I be bringing some vinyl stickers to sweeten your swag collection? Only one way to find out…


#NCBD was a blast this week when we learned that the FEMME MAGNIFIQUE paperback shipped a week early, heralding 3 new BLACK CROWN offerings at a comic shop near you.

You’ll note that the 240-page paperback sports a new wraparound cover with French flaps—

–16 bonus pages with bonus content that reveals the secret history of the Kickstarter original hardcover—

— plus development sketches by Marguerite Savauge and Shawn McManus, a process section with writer/artist Jim Rugg–

–and so much more than just 50 short stories by your favorite writers and artists!

Look, everyone, it’s EUTHANAUTS #2! BLACK CROWN Publication Designer/General Dogsbody Philip Bond went out in the wild to our
#LCBS for this auspicious triple release day.

HOUSE AMOK #1 was all but sold out at House of Secrets in Burbank.


We put together a hilarious interview with David and Maria Lapham to run with an advance preview of LODGER in all the BLACK CROWN books coming out in October. Here’s a peek at how these two operate:



HOUSE AMOK #5 variant cover by Locke & Key and Sword of Ages Artist extraordinaire Gabriel Rodriguez!

Finally, a treat for putting up with the heat at the end of the season: Check out the free SUMMER SCORCHER preview where you’ll find that our ice cold comics machine will keep you sated throughout the rest of the year with the art + alchemy you’ve come to expect from #therulingclass.

Happy Labor Day weekend and don’t forget to grab a periodical with that cocktail and read comics!