BCHQ: Week in Review:


The week before a large volume of work is due ATP (At The Printer) is most invigorating. It requires nimble fingers and little sleep. This period of crunch time in publishing is officially known as “The Supercrash.” In preparation for this illustrious event, I started the work week last weekend. I needed to clear the decks so I could focus on the beast that is the BLACK CROWN OMNIBUS, the super bumper compendium of the quarterlies, first issues from the debut titles and bonus features.


I hit the office by 1:00 after tap aerobics to start working on ballooning drafts for EUTHANAUTS #4 and HOUSE AMOK #3. It’s critical to get ahead of schedule before a Supercrash so you can maintain focus on the monster at large.


Accidentally/or not slept until noon and dedicated the first half hour to selfies with my guitar hero because if you’re going to work on weekends…

Soundtrack: The Clash (natch!)

Spent most of the day on marketing and promotional efforts for the next launches: FEMME MAGNIFIQUE signing arrangements for the 2nd Annual Orange Public Library Comicon on Saturday, September 22 from 11-4 with writers Cecil Castellucci, Christina Rice and Corinna Bechko and artist Philip Bond (presuming he survives the Supercrash). Continued preplanning for New York Comicon and procuring LODGER pull quotes from industry elite. Lest we forget: vinyl stickers at the printers waiting to be cut.


Finalized the bookmap with Publication Designer Philip Bond for the BCO, Black Crown Omnibus. Flowing a book that’s over 200 pages is exactly like paginating a 20-page story: it’s just a much longer reading experience or a symphony. You have to trust your gut and make sure there’s a rhythm to the mass of pages; a stylistic balance with sections divided up in a way that’s at once compulsive and easy on the eye. In addition to collecting most of the material from the four BLACK CROWN QUARTERLIES, Philip suggested we consider it “A Year in Review” which was genius. It’s also important to us as editors and readers that we make it a different reading experience for those ardent fans who already have copies of the BCQ. So orchestrating a spate of bonus material and behind-the-scenes process and trade secrets is essential.


Annotated creator commentary implemented. The BC coterie was all in when we decided to do a “director’s track” for the first issues of our launch titles: KID LOBOTOMY, ASSASSINISTAS and PUNKS NOT DEAD.


From Theory to Revolution
Compiled a timeline from Spring 2016 through present day to show how you can pull off anything that means the world to you, like crafting a comic book imprint with art + alchemy, opulence + madness. Put the right people together, find a few partners-in-crime (note: you do not need to be married to them but it doesn’t hurt), expect the world to notice.

Pull a “best of” selection of pictures. Play loud.


Publication designer/General Dogsbody (his term of choice) Philip Bond starts assembling the book and designing the text sections. We make PDFs of our Creators’ Commentary and send to proofreader Arlene Lo.

BONUS NEWS: KID LOBOTOMY will be published in Spanish thanks to our partners Hidra and Medusa Comics. Look for it next month.


Sleep All Day! Haha! Finish editing the Definite article features down to make the “Street Dynamics” section easy to understand (not my forte).

Note to bartender: Make mine a single!

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