It was Labor Day in the states but plenty of us continued our heavy-lifting! Edited two scripts for a mystery project! Our Permanent Collection party is just getting started.

And over the weekend I received the first copy proof of this neon beauty! Can’t wait until it lands in your lap.

Right now it’s scheduled for a 10/30 in store date but if you’re headed to THOUGHT BUBBLE in Leeds in two weeks, I have it on good authority that both writer David Barnett and artist Martin Simmonds will have advance copies for sale at their humble table.


Kinda counts as a double Monday when a public holiday falls on a Monday…for some! But the arrival of two variant covers by two of my favorite artists this week made the days a lot brighter in high contrast black and white. Here’s a peek at part of the cover B for EUTHANAUTS #5 by Marley Zarcone.

Here’s a section of inks from the cover B to HOUSE AMOK #5 by Gabriel Rodriguez.


LODGER #1 by David and Maria Lapham is at the printer as we speak but so much of the day was spent procuring pull quotes about the first issue from industry friends who owe me favors — or everyone else on earth who considers Stray Bullets compulsory reading. This was my absolute favorite: “The Laphams continue to wipe the crime fiction floor in comics and otherwise with my face in LODGER.” Wait, it’s still legit for the editor to write her own pull quote for said publication, is it not?


Reviewing final layouts by Nick Robles on EUTHANAUTS #4 is an extreme delight. The kid is innately gifted. His work —especially scenes in the DeathSpace — continues to blow me away. Since issue #2, Nick’s linework has been exquisitely colored by Eva de la Cruz.


The feedback on HOUSE AMOK’s debut and FEMME MAGNIFIQUE has been tremendous! Thanks for the support and please continue to spread the word on social media and post your FEMME MAGNIFIQUE reviews on amazon.com so we can continue to empower the masses!

Stop by next week for our exciting New York Comic Con details + many more convivial times at your favorite comics destination for art + alchemy, opulence + chaos.