I love the first Monday of the new month because not unlike going to college, it’s a clean slate — the ultimate time for reinvention. Working with Megan Brown, Black Crown’s new assistant editor, over the past few months has given me the opportunity to pick at and preen my systems as I show her the proverbial ropes at our humble curation operation. So I’m sharing more tools of the trade right here.

You might be thinking, “A giant paper calendar, how original!” or “This is old school! Alert the geriatric unit!” But I’m a firm believer in keeping all the elements you need to run a tight ship within eye shot, Mon Ami. And tried and true is nothing to sneeze at if it works for you.

Fun Fact: My first boss, the esteemed pedant editor Diana Schutz, not only taught me the basics in grammar and syntax but she got me obsessed with keeping deadlines recorded on a giant calendar. It’s naked here but you can be sure if I’ve given out a deadline, or there’s a a big event on deck, it’s locked down in red ink. Note: I think we know who’s covering the tab at Happy Hour on Friday, December 21, Megan… I’m also a huge fan of grids and cheat sheets…which leads me directly into…

BLACK CROWN’s middle school intern was feeling under the weather (allegedly…)
So when he bunked off school, HQ put him to work.
We concocted this ad to run on social media and in our comics to get the message out about the return of PUNKS NOT DEAD’s sophomore arc, LONDON CALLING.
So if you didn’t follow Sid and Fergie’s antics monthly or haven’t picked up the TEENAGE KICKS trade, you only need to see how our intern crammed the cliff notes onto his aching arm to instantly jump on board this February when Punks take on London Town.

Here’s artist Martin Simmond’s #1 cover:

Here’s the variant cover by superstar RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE and a mini interview:


LODGER #2 was all the rage midweek on #NCBD.

Here’s the best of what they said:

“… a surreal and engaging mystery…and it’s… unsettling. In that perfectly Lapham way.

“Bottom line – AS BLACK AS HELL IS HOT.”


One of our biggest endeavors since we launched the imprint way back in October of 2017 is one week shy of its release.
$25 BUCKS! 240 pages! It’s your 101 on all things BCHQ.


We’re assembling some special limited edition BLACK CROWN swag packs for 2019 so here’s the WIP. Missing from photo: beer mat, new patch, pithy copy on back of tag.

Have a great weekend and see you next week for more rollick and bollocks at and don’t forget to follow us everywhere @blackcrownhq