BCHQ Week in Review! It’s ARTISTS RULE week so less talk/choke, more visual connote!


Co-creator/artist Shawn McManus begs me to let him illustrate a new cover for the HOUSE AMOK trade paperback. The rub: the book is due to the printer this week…This sounded…a bit… sketchy. 


I mean, talk about last minute etc., etc.  But I didn’t want this guy to break my legs.

If my legs were broken, I wouldn’t be able to tap dance in my spare time… 

…which would be a great relief to my husband, artist/publication design Philip Bond, who assembled this beautiful cover just in time for the printer deadline. The moral of this story? TRUST YOUR ARTIST. ARTISTS RULE!


Progress report: LODGER #4 is up and out of house, scheduled to hit the press and be in your hands on 3/27.  Here’s part of a favorite page written by David & Maria Lapham and drawn by David.


EVE STRANGER, our newest series co-created/written by David Barnett and co-created/illustrated by Philip Bond, is coming at you in April. Here’s a panel from issue #1 of our auspicious amnesiac-for-hire that’s colored by Eva de la Cruz.


We’re counting down the days  until — dare I say — the rebirth of PUNKS NOT DEAD on 2/27…and what better way to shout to the rooftops about our sophomore arc, LONDON CALLING, than with ART GIVEAWAYS!

How can you obtain one of these bad boys drawn by co-creator/artist Martin Simmonds and signed by Simmonds and his co-creator/co-conspirator writer David Barnett? No need to do anything illegal or vile. Just spread the word by using our hashtag #PunksNotDeadAtBlackCrown and you’ll be entered to win. 

See you right here next week for further adventures in art, alchemy & convivial times when we announce a few lucky winners!