#NYCC18 LIKE YOU WERE THERE! (sans the con crud)



with Ron Wimberly, artist/writer of Prince of Cats and the Ellen Stewart story in FEMME MAGNIFIQUE.

CRUD-O-METER: 0/0, Day One of show and no crud in sight!


IDW Booth Bon Vivants Trisha, Andrea and Anita.



EUTHANAUTS artist Nick Robles in Artists Alley showing off his sketchbook.

CRUD-O-METER: post coffee, 8/10


FEMME MAGNIFIQUE signing part I: Friday Night Fanfest! From near to far: Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of the Hillary Rodham Clinton story, Kieron Gillen, writer of the Bjork story, Tee Franklin, writer of the Michelle Obama story, Dan Parent, writer/artist of the Marlo Thomas story, Alison Sampson, artist of the Beth Ditto story, Jill Thompson, writer/artist of the title page illustration.

CRUD METER: 6/10 first sneeze


#NYCC18 EXCLUSIVE: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Bookplate illustration by Jill Thompson! Bonus images!

CRUD-O- METER: 9/10 feeling Notorious

Jill Thompson raises a glass to RBG at the Hourglass Tavern, my favorite NYC restaurant.

CRUD-O- METER: 4/10, first cough


With Shawn Martinbrough (R), artist of a trio of spot illustrations in FEMME MAGNIFIQUE and Living art legend Bill Sienkiewicz, variant cover artist of LODGER #1, the neo noir series by The Laphams.

CRUD-O- METER: 5/10 w/comics vitamin boost to follow:

LOOK! It’s a live showing of the first copies in print! Double Shot bonus! In stores on 10/24

CRUD-O-METER: blasted


SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL! St. Mark’s Comics hosts BLACK CROWN’s 1st Anniversary Signing Party.

Behind the table from L to R: Megan Hutchison, writer/artist on Ada Lovelace story for FEMME MAGNIFIQUE,
Alison Sampson, artist of Beth Ditto story for FM, Peter Milligan, writer of KID LOBOTOMY, Gabriel Rodriguez,
artist of Locke & Key and the upcoming HOUSE AMOK #5 variant cover and honorary patron of the Black Crown Pub.

CRUD-O- METER: 4.5/10 the cough brigade begins


The amazing St. Mark’s Comics staff dressed to impress — just a few of the evening’s cosplayers.

CRUD-O- METER: 3/10 trying my best to not act pale and sickly


The winner of the BLACK CROWN Cosplay Contest is Aynsley who came dressed as HQ!

10/10 for originality!

CRUD-O-METER: 1/10, think fast! there must be a cure up there!


Mission Accomplished! Party with #therulingclass


Join us next week for our regularly scheduled art and alchemy assault! Until then…Bring on the Meds!

BONUS: Voted best re-enactment from a comic book. Prop bottle of French champagne not included in the price of a copy of ASSASSNISTAS by Tini Howard and Gilbert Hernandez from BLACK CROWN.

#NYCC18 #vespertine


This week’s Happy Hour has been usurped by Chuck Varnish, notorious letter hack of the “Last Shout!” letters column in the BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY. With the imminent release of the BCQ #4 next Wednesday, October 3, it seemed fitting to allow Chuck one final takeover, since his letter column was edited out of said pending publication due to obscene remarks and unbecoming photographs. Without further ado, here’s Chuck, a week since he was “LIVE AT LEEDS” for the THOUGHT BUBBLE convention.


‘ello mates! Chuck here!

A year ago the Black Crown Massive arrived at Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival in a sweep of rock ‘n’ roll swagger to toast the launch of new cool curated comic-book goodness. And toast we did. Much so. Having forgiven our hangovers, and delivered on our promise of graphic excellence, it’s time to raise a glass again to future fabulousness in lovely Leeds, capital of one of the Yorkshires.

Leeds is rightly lauded as the birthplace of Black Crown mascot band CUD, and bassist/‘Rich & Strange’ co-writer Will Potter can be found attaching a plaque to the Town Hall to claim said fact. Warming up for the weekend in the nominated hotel bar, ‘Punks Not Dead’ pilots Martin Simmonds and David Barnett are spilling their shandies and sharing glimpses of their lavishly packaged Volume One to all and sundry. Sans serif star letterer Aditya Bidikar has flown over from Mumbai specially to claim back the tenner I owe him. Leah Moore is keeping order and taking orders from a safe distance.

What I love about Merry Olde England is that I never have to show my fake ID to get liquor here, despite my juvenile manner. And cider is alcoholic. Like, now you tell me, after pint six. Having wetted our whistles, as I’m told they say, the BLACK CROWN Family raise our glasses to absent Bonds and credit cards across the Atlantic. Merry happy returns!

Chuck Varnish

Don’t miss next week’s Happy Hour live from NEW YORK COMICON! And keep your eye on @blackcrownhq to follow Shelly Bond’s exploits at the show!