Shelly is the editor and curator of BLACK CROWN. She has been driven to edit + curate comic books, crush deadlines and innovate for over a quarter-century. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Philip, their son Spencer, four guitars and a drum kit. You can follow her editorial + satorial exploits on @sxbond @blackcrownhq and


Philip is the artist on GHOST-WALK WITH ME and CUD: RICH AND STRANGE, a regular feature in the BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY. He is also the logo and publication designer for many fine Black Crown titles. He’s been held at the BLACK CROWN HQ so long he’s gone Stockholmed and become complicit in the operation. @pjbond


Rob is the writer/artist of TALES FROM THE BLACK CROWN PUB. He has been nominated for four Eisner Awards for The Motherless Oven, Don Quixote and the anthology Nelson. He won two British Comic Awards and the Lycean prize for The Motherless Oven. @Robgog


Aditya is BLACK CROWN’s esteemed house letterer and the recipient of Broken Frontier’s 2017 Best Letterer Award. Based in India, Adi also letters Motor Crush and Grafity’s Wall. @adityab


Tini is the writer of ASSASSINISTAS and GHOST-WALK WITH ME. She is a writer and witch who lives in the Carolina wetlands with her partner and their two sons, who are cats. In addition to her work at the BLACK CROWN HQ which includes EUTHANAUTS, she writes Rick and Morty and Captain America among others. @TiniHoward


Gilbert is the artist of ASSASSINISTAS. He is the creator, with his brother Jaime, of Love And Rockets, a modern classic that debuted in 1981. In 2017, Gilbert and Jaime were inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame. Gilbert has worked for DC Comics, Dark Horse, Drawn & Quarterly and others. He lives in Las Vegas with his wife and daughter. @BetomessGIlbert


Peter is the writer of KID LOBOTOMY. He is a comic book writer known for such controversial titles as Skin and Enigma as well as groundbreaking fan-favorites X-Statix and Shade, the Changing Man. Rumors that he despises cheese and being edited are at least 50% true. @1PeterMilligan


David is the writer of PUNKS NOT DEAD. His novels include Calling Major Tom and The Growing Pains of Jennifer Ebert. He is a journalist for The Guardian and The Independent, among other publications.


is the artist of KID LOBOTOMY. She is a self-taught comic book artist from Los Angeles where she lives with her husband Chris and fiendish hellcat Sam. She is a contributing artist on Wonder Woman ‘77. Fowler’s other credits include cover work and interiors for Vault Comics, Image, IDW, Oni Press, Marvel and Black Mask. @TessFowler


Martin is the artist of PUNKS NOT DEAD. He is also the artist of Friendo from Vault Comics and the series cover artist for Marvel’s Quicksilver: No Surrender, and contributing cover artist for Jessica Jones. @Martin_Simmonds


Will is the co-writer and fictional character in CUD: RICH AND STRANGE, and the bassist in half-remembered Brit indie combo CUD. Will also corrupts the youth of today by writing numerous children’s books and is the official mascot of the Rutland Trepanning Society.


Dilraj is the artist of CANONBALL COMICS and cover artist on the BCQ #3 and the PND#4 variant cover. Based in Lewes, U.K., he is the creator of Dalston Monsterzz published by Nobrow. @dilrajmanninstagram


Carl is the co-writer and fictional character in CUD: RICH AND STRANGE, and the singer in half-remembered Brit indie combo CUD. His moustache is now less Dave Crosby and more Sundance Kid. He adds that “CUD’s new album is less than a year away, at last.”


LEAH MOORE is the writer of CANONBALL COMICS and HEY, AMATEUR! How To Be A Badass Goth. She is also the writer of Sherlock Holmes: The Vanishing and Conspiracy of Ravens. @leahmoore


Cara is the artist on SWELL MAPS. She has worked on a number of personal mini comics as well as comics, covers, and illustrations for BOOM!, DC Comics, IDW, and Cards Against Humanity. A BFA graduate of SCAD’s Sequential Art program, she lives in the woods in the middle of nowhere.


Nicole is the artist on HEY, AMATEUR! How To Do An Ollie. When she isn’t watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the 47th time, she draws comics for DC Comics, IDW, and Lion Forge as well as self-publishing works such as F*ck Off Squad.


Katie is the artist on HEY, AMATEUR! How To Rock Barre Chords. She’s an award-winning cartoonist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her comics work includes Nurse Nurse, Operation Margarine, My Pretty Vampire and The Agency. Photo: Frank Garland.


Emmeline is the writer/artist on HEY, AMATEUR! How To Spot A Galaxy. A comics creator and commercial illustrator from North West England, Emmeline enjoys creating stories about imperfect humans, quiet moments, magic and discovery.


Nanna is the artist on HEY, AMATEUR! How To Be A Badass Goth. Her other credits include Intrepid Astronaut. 1/2 of Bad Form Podcast @nannaventer


Kristian is the artist on BUTTERSCOTCH & SODA. He has worked under the guidance of Argentinian comics masters Marcelo Frusin and Eduardo Risso. Kristian worked on Moonshine and Trespasser among other comic books.


Lee is the colorist on KID LOBOTOMY and CUD: RICH AND STRANGE and he’s colored over 100 issues of Fables for Vertigo. He surfs and colors comics 24/7. @leeloughridge


Eva is the colorist of GHOST-WALK WITH ME. She has been collaborating with 2000AD and Vertigo/DC Comics for more than a decade and is currently coloring EUTHANAUTS for BLACK CROWN.


Cathi is the writer of SWELL MAPS. Cathi was a journalist on Sounds and Melody Maker when they were still around, and writes for publications from the Fortean Times to the Financial Times. Cathi has written five obsessive noir novels.


Cindy is the writer of HEY, AMATEUR! How To Do An Ollie. She is an OG Pro Vert Skateboarder who was inducted into the Skateboard Hall of Fame in 2016, a Sports Stylist and Founder of Girl is NOT a 4 letterword. @GirlisNOTa4LW


Megan Brown is an assistant editor and BLACK CROWN’s San Diego connection. When she’s not racking up a tab at the Black Crown Pub, you can find her perfecting the art of being a struggling writer at one of the coffee shops around town. @megan_mb


Dee provided color flats for PUNKS NOT DEAD and KID LOBOTOMY. He is an award-winning designer who gave it all up to pursue his love of comics. His colouring credits include The Dregs, Eternal, and Redneck. @deezoid


Arlene is the BLACK CROWN house proofreader. After nearly 27 years proofreading for DC Comics, she will never stop having dreams about correcting mistakes. She photographs very badly, so here is a not-too-old picture of her with her handsome friend Cat, taken by her terrific husband, Allan Asherman.


Chase is the Associate Editor of BLACK CROWN. A self-proclaimed “Johnny-on-the-spot,” he provides much-needed eyes, ears, hands and feet between the Los Angeles-based BCHQ and the IDW mothership in San Diego. @thrillothechase